Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've been cleaning and organizing my apartment all winter break. Its been a task and one that is not complete. While going through my clothing I bagged up 2 bags of clothing and one bag of shoes. I wish I could have parted with more as every available inch of clothing storage is full.  I drove that to Salvation army. Incidentally, that lead to parking the car and going inside for a look see. I returned home with a new bag of clothing. (Luckily less full then the ones i dropped off.) I think I have a problem with thrift stores. Whenever I have a little free time i find myself wondering to Sal Val or Village Discount Outlet. I don't mind the dirt and the clutter its actually smaller more organized thrift stores that bother me. They are always telling you what size you should look in or making you choose whether you want a real dress or a slip. I thrift by whatever catches my eye as i walk the disorganized isles. I won't necessarily look through each item unless I know I'm looking for something really specific and don't want to miss it. Any way today was a good trip. I found a few nice sheer pieces, an awesome fitted, long sweater dress, a very costumey piece, and tried to channel Missoni but failed pretty miserably.

That costumey romper thing was a full jumpsuit. I cut it into shorts for those pictures but will likely cut off the shorts to just wear it as a top. Note the last picture is my attempt at Missoni. I will try a little harder because I was really enamored by the pre-fall collection.

Below is a sill picture of me and some of my junk in my poorly lit bedroom.

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