Wednesday, January 6, 2010

 I don't think the word "fashion" would appear in my mothers description of herself. Today as a teacher, her work wardrobe is dress pants or a skirt and a nice top. Her free time is spent in straight leg jeans, black on black converse, a tee or tan,k and a cardigan. Of course growing up it was almost embarrassing to have a mother who dressed so cool and casual when other mothers where i grew up were oh so conservative. When she describes her style when she was growing up she tells me that she had a few pieces she loved and wore until they wore out. ( a feat that seems nearly impossible because of the quantity of clothing that hang in my closet.) She also said her mom would buy her things that she would hate at first but then she would wear once just because and she would fall in love with it. While I was in Detroit over the holiday I flipped through some old pictures as my grandparents and found some pictures that illustrate the simplicity but surely the style of my dear mom. They also show the clear change from when my grandmother chose her clothes to when she chose her own. Maybe my fashion genealogy come from a mixture of my grandmas tendency towards girly , pretty dresses, and my mothers hippie and rockeresque simplicity, plus a bit of my own craziness. Favorite statements of my mothers here : Buddy Holly glasses in the image of her and i, along with that big shouldered blazer over plaid top, and the Democracy for china tee.

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  1. your mom is gorgeous, I see where you get it from now!


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