Tuesday, January 26, 2010

March 1989

I'm becoming a bit obsessed with my schools collection of Vogue. They date back to the 50's so expect many more vintage Vogue related posts. Today I decided to look at the March 1989 issue as it is the year and month I was born. I came across some quite amazing images and pieces that kind of fit my style really well. It seems that Spring polka dots, animal prints, cut-outs, fringe, mixed prints, and matalics were very in. There seemed to be an odd shoe trend, one that doesn't immediately spring to mind when you think of the 80's/90's. Notice the occurrence of Victorian styled shoes.

1. Head to toe leopard print. An amazing editorial piece for sure.

2. Heart shapes are an undeniable weakness of mine. This heart cut out body is maybe making me wish I could have anyone piece of clothing from the year I was born.

3. Match your gloves to your dress to the extreme. Fringe on fringe. The fringe gloves are really awesome.

4. Camel colored fringed leathers? Please?

5. I have another great weakness for crinolines and very full skirts.

6. Here is the mixed prints I mentioned. And polka dots. I swear I have never seen as many as i did flipping through this magazine. I really liked this mix of paisley and polka.

7. I'm not sure what it is that got me here?

8. Here I like the mixed textures all in black and all with a bit of luxury. The beaded midriff baring top, the high wasted silk brocade trousers,( I really like that space between your tiny top and your high waist bottoms look)  and the baggy lace jacket.

9. Save my fave editorial picture for last. I am liking the mixed florals here, The look and fit of that blazer, and oh my those sunnies!

The rest of the images are advertisements that caught my eye. Whether it was because of wide proportions, fitted leather, androgyny, great plastic jewelry, or hula hoops.


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