Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blogger Shoes

Um so I bought blogger shoes. Jessica Simpson Dany platforms. As seen on Fashion Chalet and fashion toast as well as I am sure many blogs that I do not follow..Affordablish and really high so I just couldn't say no. Only problem is I have forgotten how to dress myself. That's why I have been so inactive. I really think that I have lost track of my style. Everything hanging in my closest just look like clothes with now combining possibilities to me. You can't really see here but I am wearing a multi chain necklace around my shoulder following the direction on my one shoulder top. This idea was stolen from a girl I saw shopping at my work yesterday.  I'm sitting here in bed now on my day off shoes and socks deleted from my outfit while I blog. I am also listening to my new 80 gig iPod shuffle due to getting stuck in a huge downpour with my former fully functioning iPod in my bag.Now its time to get down to this cover letter business.

outfit- top-? tag says Dream Factory, skirt-thrift, socks- F21, shoes-Jessica Simpson


  1. Wow! Those shoes are intense! I love how they're paired with the red socks. And they make your legs look long and athletic which is always a plus!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  2. those shoes!!!##!#!@#$!#@$#@$#@$@#$@#$ omg


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