Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You Got Snookered

On one Monday, late in the afternoon, three young adults walk into a college recreation center with the intent of shooting pool for $5 an hour. And so they do. They have a bout of good laughs and learn a bit about the game.
I will cease telling this as a story since I was one of these young adults along with my boyfriend Michael and our friend Pat. This was just about the only time I have played pool except for once at a Sondre Lerche show in 2004. I can't say I am good but I can say that we had fun. We also decided to photograph the event. Pat used up some black and white film while Michael and I experimented with my digital camera.


  1. Really cool pics! There's a Snooker table at a bar here in Nashville. I have no idea how to play!

  2. Thanks Annie! I don't even know the difference snookers, pool, billiards?


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