Tuesday, July 13, 2010

dressed up to be the cutest doll and called you up from the pool hall.

Yesterday I wore this to work. It is another of those looks that didn't photograph as well as I thought it looked in the mirror. The proportions just look all wrong in the photos.  My outfit inspired me to listen to the Murmurs at any chance I got. I don't know how that works but often the mood of my outfit makes me want to listen to somehow matching music.

Any way I came home and slept after work and later went to go see a fashion show at a Debonair that Liz wad modeling in. For that I lost the boots and chucked on the Jessica Simpson uber heels. The show was for the lineVirtue for the Vicious. Hopefully Liz Will not hate me for posting these shoddy pictures of her during the show.... Because of the setting and the darkness I could only get her attempting to step on and off the bar. opps.

Currently I am supposed to be in an event planning class but I honestly just over slept for a 6 PM class because I came home to take a nap after Western Civ.  I would have been over an hour late if I had gone. I feel incredibly rediculous about missing. There are only about 20 people in a class at my college and I have had the teacher beore so it is painfully obvious that I am missing the first day of class.


  1. Your nails!!! :D So good! I love the outfit and the shredded tights. It's very, mmm, I don't know, it's kind of riot grrly in a way. x


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