Thursday, August 12, 2010

umm hi I'm still here

So I kind of just changed the name of my blog.. which maybe was a weird move, I'm not sure. Something came to me today while working on MY logo in portfolio I. If your branding yourself and the only fonts you feel suite your personality and style are named Unicorn and Rabbit Ears, this probably means something.

I was walking across the Merchandise Mart to the food court after class and these three words just came into my mind "rock" "bunny" hippie". Not ingenious or anything, but somehow i felt it describes the way i inharently dress myself. I like things with a bit of edge, I like to channel nature and my roots (sort of... I mean my mom drove a Volkswagen van for a while when I was growing up), but when it comes down to it, I can't resist anything cutesy and animal motifs are my weakness. So here I am, same blog, new name. New banner may follow. Maybe something more original less inspiration boardy.

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