Sunday, September 4, 2011


StyleLikeU is a site I really enjoy. Although at times I feel ridiculous at the amount of emotion I put into style, I guess its comforting that their is others who attach maybe too much value to it. I've been really connecting to the site lately out of a great deal of confusion about what I am doing in my life. I have just put in thousands, and I mean big thousands of dollars into an "education" for a degree that is feeling rather meaningless. I am trying to measure up my personality next to my dreams and I feel like I am coming up short. A degree in fashion marketing... I don't really know what it means. I am realizing lately that my interest in fashion itself is pretty minimal .I don't care that much what designers are designing. I mean sure there's designs I like and ones I don't but I don't really have many brand connections and I could care less if I am ever wearing designer clothing. I think really what fascinates me is style. All that goes into forming a persons style. Upbringing, books, religious beliefs, art... whatever it is. I'm not interested in people who look perfectly pulled together in one brand, but in people who know how to express a story of who they are just by getting dressed in the morning. I keep applying for jobs that I know I wouldn't be happy doing because my self expression would be diminished by my environment. My dream to do editorial styling still reigns because of all these things, but I have a feeling that certain elements of my personality will always be holding me back from what I want.

Honestly all I intended to do in this post was to share this video from StyleLikeU of artist Louise Sturges, that may be my favorite on there, but somehow all that happened... Here is the video.
Louise Sturges for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

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